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 This is a brief run down of some basic oils that you may be required to use

 in may spells. They are simple oils that you can make yourself instead of

 purchasing (remember to be careful when buying oils. Try and get them

 hand-made by a witch in a local occult or witchcraft store. Manufactured

ones aren't always essential oils and are really just perfumes which are

different  entirely).

 GARDENIA OIL - use the flower. This is also a protection oil.

 CINNAMON OIL - use ground cinnamon. Use for good luck.

 PATCHOULI OIL- use the leaves. Aphrodisiac, peace of mind, harmony in the


 JASMINE OIL - use the flowers. Attract good spirits. Can be substituted for

 gardenia oil.

 FRANKINCENSE OIL- use powdered resin.

 ROSE OIL - use the petals.

 MYRRH OIL -  Use-powdered resin. Ward off evil.

 source of information - CHARMS, SPELLS & FORMULAS by Ray T. Malbrough


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