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Candle Spells, Candle Color Meanings


Red - energy, strength, passion


Blue - wisdom, protection, creativity, communication, water, healing


Purple - spiritual power, psychic ability and energy, hidden knowledge


Silver - dreams, the goddess, intuition, telepathy, feminine power


Pink - love, peace, romantic, emotions, Gold - wealth, god, happiness


Black - binding, protection, banishing negativity, Copper - money, growth


Yellow - sun, intelligence, memory, Green - fertility, money, tree magick, growth,


Brown - friendships, favors, White - the goddess, purity, spiritualism, peace


Dressing Your Candles and Oils to Use


Dressing the candle means anointing it with an essential oil. You dress

your candle by rubbing your chosen oil on it from the top of the candle to

the center. Then you rub the bottom of the candle to the center. Below is a

list of Oil used for anointing candles.


Patchouli - for money or sexual desires


Rose - love, peace, sexual desire, enhance beauty, Geranium protection


Myrrh - healing, meditation, enhance spirituality


Basil - happiness, peace, money, stimulating the conscious mind


Juniper - healing, protection, purification, Clove - courage, protection


Jasmine- the moon, love, psychic awareness, peace, spirituality, sexuality


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