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Chakra Pathworking




     This is a pathworking exercise designed to develop your senses to the

 different types of energy within your own energetic make-up.  We will go

 over the energy system as a whole, and then work our way up the primary chakra

 system.  As we become aware of our own energies, we become aware of other

 energies around us.  For some, these will be extremely basic exercises,

 and  the energies will be easy to perceive.  So, through the easy parts, you

 may want to think of it as a refresher course or better yet, exercising those

 metaphysical muscles to keep them in shape.  For others who are just

 starting, or who have been out of practice (like me), will find them to be

 not as easy.  Don't let it get you down, that is what these exercises are

 for.  To work and open those areas that we are not in tune with.

 Hopefully, that is why you are all taking this course, to expand your knowledge and

 abilities.  Either way it will be a fun way to learn and experience these



 What is pathworking?

     I call it pathworking because we will be working along a path to

 spiritual evolution through your energy and the chakras.  I hope to break

 it down into some basic sets of information so it is easier to understand.

Your psychic abilities (or the ability to sense energy) are like muscles.  They

 have to be worked.  They have to be exercised, to make them stronger.

 Along this pathworking we will do some basic exercises to help strengthen our

 ability to sense these energies, and to raise our energy levels.  It is not

 necessary to perform the exercises to participate in the chakra pathworking




      Energy is around us all the time.  Energy moves.  Energy changes.

Think of it on an atomic level.  Matter is the substance that makes up our


 Everything from the air you breath, to the water you drink, to the

computer  you are sitting at right now.  Everything is made up of matter.  Matter is

 made of molecules.  Molecules are made up of different combinations of


  Atoms are made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons which are held

 together by a specific charge.  Protons have a positive charge.  Electrons

 have a negative charge.  Neutrons have no charge (it must be their bad

 credit).  So, if atoms contain positive and negative charges, (which is

 energy), wouldn't it make sense that all matter is made up of energy?

       Now, let's take this thought a little further.  What if we could

 manipulate this energy within ourselves?  We can slow down or speed up our

 breath.  We can make our hearts beat faster or slower.  We can produce

more body heat to certain areas of our body if we concentrate hard enough.  Why

 not the energy in the atoms that make up our bodies?


 Your bodies

     Most people are made up of different bodies.  You have a physical

 body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body.  (You have other

 bodies depending on whatever philosophy or belief you go by. However,

 these are the main ones I plan to expand upon).  If you were to view the bodies

 together they would start at a center, which would be the physical body,

 and expand out.  Surrounding the physical body would be the emotional body.

 Around that would be the mental body.  Encasing all the others is the

 spiritual or etheric body.  I will go into more detail of these bodies and

 the affect they have on us next lesson.


 The Chakras

     Chakras are energy centers in the body.  They have separate functions

 and separate effects on all the bodies.  Traditional writings mention 88,000

 chakras.  However, to make it easier for everyone, I plan to only mention

 some of the main ones.  I am going to separate them into three groups:

 Primary chakras, secondary chakras, and outer body chakras.

      Primary chakras are those chakras that have the most effect on the

 bodies within this dimensional state.  They reside along the spine, and

 coincide with the glands of the endocrine system within the body.  We will

 talk about and experiment with these chakras the most.

      Secondary chakras are those chakras that have some effect on the

 bodies, but deal more with the usage of energy.

      Outer body chakras are the chakras that exist outside the physical

 body, but remain in the outer bodies.



     Nadis (pronounced nade-eye) are like pipes or veins that carry energy

 though our different energy bodies.  The three main channels of energy we

 will talk about are:  the sushmna/kundalini, the ida, and the pingala.


 The sushmna and kundalini

     The sushmna (one of its many names) is the channel of energy that the

 primary chakras exist within.  This is a channel (like a tube) that

travels from an area near the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When

energy travels up this channel called the sushmna, and all chakras are aligned

and activated, it is called the Kundalini.  Some people have used these terms

 interchangablely before.  That is OK.

     For this pathworking you will want to know what the difference is, but

 if you feel more comfortable using the term "kundalini" for the energy

channel that runs up the spine, that is fine too.  For the pupose of this course I

 will refer to them as separate states of being.



     Ida is the carrier of cool and calming lunar energy.  Its channel

begins left of the root chakra (the base of the spine), spirals around the

sushmna, and ends in the left nostril.  Therefor, usually people's left side of

their body deals with feminine energy.



     The pingala functions as the carrier of solar energy.  Which is full

of heat and drive.  This channel begins to the right side of the root chakra

 (the base of the spine), spirals around the sushmna, and ends in the right

 nostril. Therefor, usually people's right side of their bodies deals with

 masculine energy.


 The Exercise


  The first is very simple (IMHO) and the other is slightly more



 1-  Wait until you have a peaceful moment.  Either lying in bed before you

go to sleep, or outside relaxing, or sitting in your office when you know no

one is going to barge in and disrupt your train of thought.  Hey, you can even

do it right now sitting at your computer if you like.  Whenever, as long as

it is a peaceful and quiet moment.  Close your eyes and visualize a tube

running from the base of your spine to the crown (very tip top) of your head.  Now

 visualize a pure white-light energy traveling up this tube, from the bottom

 to the top.  Try and hold it there for as long as you intuitively feel you

 should hold it there.  There, that wasn't so hard now was it?  You just

sent energy up your sushmna.  You haven't quite raised your kundalini (unless

you experts out there know what you are doing).  But it is a step closer to

doing so.  Write down this experience and tell me what you felt.  What did you

feel emotionally, physically, mentally, or any other types of feelings that

came over you?


 2-  This is a little harder and consumes a little more of your time.

Again find a peaceful moment to yourself.  This exercise deals with the ida and

pingala.  Close your eyes and visualize energy moving up your ida.  Start the

 energy at the left side of your root chakra (base of spine) and imagine it

 winding around the sushmna (like a coil) to your left nostril.  After you

can do this...visualize it happening again, except this time press your right

 nostril closed with your finger.  Breath only through your left nostril.

Do at least five breaths while you visualize the energy traveling up the ida.

 Write down that experience.     Now do the same exercise, but this time

start with the pingala.  First, imagine the energy rising from the right side

and winding around the sushmna and ending in the right nostril.  After you can

do this....close your left nostril with a finger and breath only through your

 right nostril while you visualize the energy moving up the pingala.  Write

 down this experience.  That's it.  



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