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Personal Spiritual Evolution




     For this group I was guided to discuss Dreams.  Now, this is a topic

that reaches far and wide, and moves into realms of knowledge I couldn't even

 begin to tap into.  However, I have attempted to create some broad and

more general categories for us to better comprehend the world of dreams.

Before we move into reviewing these categories, there are probably some basic

 questions that should be answered.  What are dreams?  Where do dreams come


     The American Heritage Dictionary defines a dream as:  a series of

mental images, ideas, and emotions that occur during sleep.  OK, that is pretty

 basic.  I think we all had that figured out.  Now, I'd like to share with you

 a little more about what a dream is and where it comes from.  Dreams exist

 primarily on the astral plane.  The astral plane exists in the fourth

 dimension.  Now, there are also different levels of the astral plane,

 creating a different variety of dreams that exist with different


 Our bodies exist here on the physical plane in the third dimension.  Our

 minds are like the doorways to this other world.  And if any of you are

 familiar with chakras (energy centers in the body) the Third Eye Chakra

 (located on your forehead) is the key to this door.  So, here is the big

 question: Why do we dream?  This is where the different categories of

 information will be used to help explain this.


 Subconscious Dreams: These are the dreams created by the subconscious.

Many times the reason for these types of dreams are to balance the mental and

 emotional aspects of our being.  For instance: You had a really bad day at

 work and it seemed that you didn't do much right, and your boss yelled at

 you, and you felt bad.  Your dream that night was you being a super hero.

 Or, perhaps you replayed the event in your dream where you went right up

And yelled back at your boss and he backed down.  Or depending on your level

of anger you held onto, perhaps in the dream, you punched him right in the

face. Whatever the case, your bad day and hurt feelings were balanced out by

this dream.  You were able to resolve some mundane issues as you sleep.

 Subconscious dreams also attempt to show you hidden personal insights and

old patterns that no longer serve you for the purpose of growing and evolving.

 This usually happens when you are having those really bizarre

 psuedo-realistic dreams. Symbols are often involved in this case, and it

is up to you to determine what these symbols mean. For instance: You have a

 dream about walking through the mall and the person you are in a

relationship with stops into a store to buy something.  They come out of the store with

a very large anchor, and you don't even have a boat.  They hand the anchor

to you and they begin to walk.  They walk further and further ahead of you,

 until they are lost in the crowd.  You can't seem to catch up because your

 anchor is too heavy.  Then the dream ends. If you paid attention to the

 symbols in the dream and who was in the dream, you may be able to

interpret  it.  Maybe the anchor represents being stuck or held back.  And in that

 relationship, something is holding you back.  Only you would know for

sure, as symbols are only significant to the individual.  Only you know what an

 anchor represents to you.  This is basically why I despise those Dream

 dictionary books.  They define what each symbol means, but what if a

 particular symbol means something else to you because of a past experience

in your life.  Perhaps you really love anchors and you collect them, that may

 change the interpretation of the dream.  In any case it is your

subconscious attempting to send a message to you.  Your subconscious is your "hidden"

 mind, therefor that is the reason it communicates in a "hidden" language.

 Through symbols and vague messages.  It is your conscious mind's way of

 interpreting what your subconscious is attempting to say.


 Prophetic Dreams:  Have you ever had a dream, and it came true?  These are

 the prophetic dreams.  Your mental body is very close in resonance with

your spiritual body.  Therefor, they tend to communicate often. Your mental

body can sometimes be closer to your emotional body and therefor communicates

more of your emotional needs.  Sometimes your mental body will be closer to

your spiritual body, and will communicate more of your spiritual needs.  For

 instance: Your spiritual body knows that you plan to make a certain

choice, this choice can lead to bad events.  So it attempts to warn the mental

body and your mental body will attempt to warn you. One of these ways is

through a dream.  It may be through symbols or words.  It may be seeing the event

 played out into its negative consequence.  Then you catch this message and

 understand it.  So you make a different choice and avoid the negative

 situation altogether.


 Resolving Karma: In some dreams you may work out karmic issues from past

 lives (or future lives), and therefor not have to go through the lesson in

 your awakened state (which would cause a lot of wear and tear on the


 There is always a lot of information to process and since your soul never

 sleeps, it can work a lot of issues out why you sleep.  :)  So, sometimes

in dreamtime you will being working out karmic issues and paying karmic debts

 and work on old incarnation wounds.


 Communication: Sometimes you can work out some communication through

dreams that can't be done in your awakened state.  Perhaps you need to

communicate with a friend, and you are able to enter each others dreams for a moment

to discuss what must be discussed.  Or even friends or family who have

recently passed away.  To have closure with them, perhaps they will come to you in

a dream.  Or perhaps it is just not possible to communicate with someone

while awake.  For instance: A farmer went to sleep and had a dream that he was

in a bar.  A man in a strange brown suit walked up to him and said that his

name was Briar.  The farmer realized that was the same name as his horse.  The

two of them talked for a moment, asking each other how they were. Briar

 responded, "I'd be a lot better if someone would trim my rear hoof.  I'd

walk a lot better."  Then the farmer woke up.  The next morning he went to see

his horse, Briar.  He then noticed that he was limping on his left rear leg.

He had the hoof trimmed and the problem went away.  Sometimes communication

 through dreams is necessary to create closure, to have healing, or to

simply evolve further.


 Soul Memory: As I stated before our souls are ever busy.  Our souls are

doing many other things on different levels whether we are awake or asleep.

Most of the time we are unaware of much of it.  Sometimes, when we sleep, what

I call our "light body" (or spiritual body) will leave our physical bodies.

 They will do work, heal, fight battles against negative energies, learn,

and many other possible things.  When they return to our bodies, the Light

Body tells our Mental Body what occurred.  The Mental Body then attempts to

 communicate this to our conscious selves.  However, the conscious mind has

a hard time grasping all that information from such a higher level of

 understanding, and so it grasps it the best way it can, through dreams.

 Sometimes we may have very vivid and realistic dreams, but they are also

 strange and don't make much sense.  Our mind is trying to comprehend what

 happened to what the Light Body went through and did.  



 My Perception


     This is the part where I convey my own personal perception of this

 lesson.  I don't claim to be an authority of any kind.  There may be those

of  you who have a different perception, and a different truth.  This is my

 truth, and I am glad I am able to share it with all of you.  :)

     Most people's dreams will not fall under just ONE of the categories.

Our spirit bodies are very efficient, and like many of us, would rather "kill

two birds with one stone".  Please excuse the expression.  What I mean is,

they would rather us have a dream that consists of many or all of these

 categories.  That way, we'd learn more from one dream.  Also, there is a

 better chance that our conscious minds will at least grasp one or two of

the intended messages in the dream.

     The reason I felt guided to discuss dreams is because I have noticed

mine to become more vivid and lucid.  I have noticed myself doing more "work"

out of my body.  It feels as though it is all being done in preparation for

 something.  I'm not exactly sure what.  All I know is that it is important

to pay attention to your dreams.  For whatever you believe, there is some

 message there for you.  It is there to help you, and further you along

your personal path to spiritual evolution.  I do not believe in "coincidences",

so therefor, to me a dream is an important lesson.

      I have learned that the better you become at remembering your dreams,

 and the more you are able to keep your conscious mind in the dream, the

more you will be able to learn and do.  For example, I have learned that if you

 are able to keep your conscious mind in your dreams you are able to

 manipulate them.  You could also then learn to travel the dreamscape.

This is the dimension of dreams.  We are all able to tap into it.  When we

become more adept at traveling the dreamscape, you can even enter other people's

 dreams.  You can see what they are dreaming, or what their dreams have

 created and left behind.  This happens on accident many times.  Have you

ever had the same dream as someone else?  Have you ever been in a dream with

 someone, and you both remember it?  I know I have.  Dreams and the

dreamscape have something to teach us as growing spirits.  The Australian Aborigines

 know this as well.  They have a belief that when you are dreaming, that it

is truly reality, and when you are awake, you have gone back to sleep and

 re-entered the illusion.  Native Americans also believe dreams to be

sacred and powerful in nature.  Direct links to Great Spirit.  Many other

cultures hold great reverence for dreams.




     OK, here are somethings that you can do to have better dream


  To be able to learn more from your dreams, and possibly remember more.

Try one, or try them all. 


 Exercise 1: This one is simple and yet hard at the same time.  Keep a

dream journal. It is difficult at times to be dedicated to actually waking up

and writing down your dreams.  Especially if you are lazy like me in the

morning. However, it is a GREAT way to remember, process and understand your


 Not to mention keeping track is good so you can see your progress or go

back and say "So that is what that dream meant".  The best way I find is to

keep your dream journal right beside your bed, so when you wake up, you reach

over and write what you remember.  Remember, I am lazy, so, I keep a small

 dictation tape recorder by my bed.  When I wake up I hurry up and say what

I remember, and then, before I go to bed to sleep, I write it in my journal.

It is a great ritual to help you keep focused on your dreams, it will

eventually help you to keep your conscious mind in them as well, and to remember them



 Exercise 2: If you are having difficulty remembering dreams, do this

before going to sleep.  Get comfortable.  Take some deep breaths to relax and

center yourself.  Then say out loud.  "Help me to remember my dreams when I wake


  I will remember my dreams."  You are saying this to your subconscious and

 conscious minds, and you are saying this to your Higher Self, or your

Spirit Self.  If it doesn't work, give it a try for a few more nights.  


 Exercise 3: Before going to sleep, say this mantra silently to yourself or

in your head.  The mantra is HU.  (Pronounced H-you).  I'm not sure why

saying this mantra works, but it seems to help.  It is used in some Hindu

traditions and it was later picked up by the Eckankar religion.


 Exercise 4: Focus your attention and energy on opening up your Third Eye

 chakra.  It's the energy center for dreams.  You can use a visualization

 method of filling that area with Indigo colored energy.  Imagine a sphere

of brightly colored indigo energy between and slightly above your eyes.  In

the center of your forehead.  Imagine it expanding and getting bigger and

bigger until your head is surrounded by this fear.  Continue to visualize it

growing bigger, until it has surrounded your entire body.  This visualization

should activate and open your Third Eye Chakra to prepare it for dream work.



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