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The 11 virtues


These eleven great virtues are part of the Universal Laws. By acquiring


virtues, you build character, integrity, and ethics, which results in a

concentration of psychic powers. This creates a direct channel to the

forces of the Universe and is the cause and effect of Life. Follow these


day of your life.



A form of wisdom which allows you to refrain from passing judgment on

your fellow humans.



The second virtue and it stresses, love, clemency, leniency, and an

interest in the welfare of others. One gives of oneself and does not

criticize others.



The third virtue is the awareness of our own shortcomings and does not imply

weakness. It is the result of strength and is the absence of

arrogance, pride, and self interest



This is the fourth virtue dedication of oneself to an ideal as a cause

such as service to the Universal Spirit.



The fifth virtue is calmness and composure under suffering or provocation

while performing demanding tasks.



The sixth virtue, is a serenity of mind under provocation and demonstrates

self possession, non resistance and teaches binding will

in any situation. It is an exercise in humility.



The seventh virtue is the absence of deceit, hypocrisy, and sham. This

manifests in a genuine person and shows a desire to learn and practice

what is right.



The eighth virtue, is a deliberate moral determination of danger and is

the product of reason. It is distinctive from bravery, because bravery

is usually an instinctive response to a perilous situation.



The ninth virtue, is exactness, accuracy, and definiteness. It opposes

careless work and hazy thinking.



The tenth virtue is the ability to deal with the environment with a

minimum of time, energy and materials.



Is the last virtue and is the power to discern the motives of

people, see their characters, and is also the ability to see the real

truth beneath the apparent surface of situations.


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