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Grove Profile

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Grove Profile

WOTG is a linage group that studies American Traditional Witchcraft.
Each member of the grove comes from all walks of life and paths thus
each person brings something to share with the grove be them Neophyte or Elder.
We come together to celebrate our Sabbats and to Practice our Craft.
We study the old ways of the Craft and live under one Law, ever 
remembering that each of us is responsible for his or her own actions.  
We are not just a coven or grove, but a family.
We are also very publicly involved in working within our community with 
such things as festivals, workshops and various other projects.  

WOTG is involved in the following projects:

Pagan Pride Day/Goddess 2000 Project
PAW (Pagans Around the World)
Cincinnati Pagan Community
EastCincy Pagan Community
Children's Yule Gift Program
East Cincy Spring Fling
Tri-State Spiral Scouts 
Meet-n-Drum for Spirit

Contact Information

Postal address
Rev. Kim Jackson
P.O. Box 664 Batavia, Ohi0 45103
Electronic mail
General Information:

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