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This page contains links to all of the public discussions for the Grove and Coven. We maintain a separate protected web for internal project discussions and notes.

Web Site Discussion

We use this discussion to record suggestions about the features that should or shouldn't be included in our site, 
and to engage in a public dialog regarding the merits of 
various requests for enhancements. Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions.

Knowledge Base

We use this discussion to record common questions and answers that crop up in the course of ones studying the Craft. Appropriate topics include Basic History, Pagan Parenting, good sources of tools, and anything else that people in the craft or interested in similar areas would find generally useful.

Pagan Chatter

Pagan Chatter is for anyone and everyone . This is an open forum for your chatting pleasure. Please do remember there may be someone under the age of  18 . 

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