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Goddess 20000

Well it is that time of year again we start getting ready for the Yule Solstice...
Just like Last year the Goddess 2000 and St. John's are teaming up along with many other great people in the community to Hold a Wonderful Yule Event... 
Last year We Started with the "
Counsel of all Species" Then we moved inside for A Very Beautiful Ritual done by Fellowship of Isis..  From that we went in to the Main G2K Ritual, 

We had Drumming by Hank and friends who said they would come back again this year. 
We had
Beautiful and  Lovely Belly Dancers
Lady Nicole and Her Teacher
We are definitely Looking forward to having them Dance again this year. 
You have to see how the Capture the Goddess Energy With Dance .. I can only say WOW.

We also had a beautiful 
G2K Ritual done by Our Group and Members from other Local Groups

Last Years G2K wouldn't have been such a success as it was with out the Help of several Groups, solitary's and the Merchants.. 
I am looking forward to working with all these wonderful people again this year and new ones to... 

But Most of all I want to thank the  Most Important People of all 
SusanK and St. John's Church
Thank you for all your hard work and Letting us have the G2K's events there.. 

This Year we have a wonderful outline . and we will be having our first meeting 

July 15th 
at 2:00p.n.
at Montgomery Perkins on Montgomery Rd.
Contact LdyMyztic for more details.

Or Visit our Local G2K website at 

Cincinnati's G2K 1999


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