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We are not taken new members at this time... Please check back at a later date.

E-mail classes are Open

First of all you have to have an open mind and the willingness to grow with in the craft..

Second you contact someone from White Oak Tree Grove, to find out the times of open meetings and locations. Or you check back here on the web site under schedule , and look for posted dates of Open meetings. Then, you attend those meetings and ask information about the "Craft 101" classes. 
These class's are required for those who want to join the White Oak Tree Coven.

Third  you attend the "Craft 101" classes during open sessions.. 

See Easy as 1,2,3... 

We do offer E-mail classes to those who can not make it to the "Craft 101" classes. Please keep in mind the e-mail classes are just for the "Craft 101". 

Other services offered by the White Oak Tree Grove/Coven

Spiritual Counseling


In-mate Services


Tarot and Rune Card Readings

Legal Handfastings

House  Blessings

Rite of Passages

House Protections

Reiki Healing Services

Removal of Unwanted Energies

more to come..



   Handfasing services are offered to those who are interested in a Wiccan/Pagan wedding. These services can be done in-doors or out doors. 

 For more information contact the coven at


Spiritual Counseling

      Spiritual Counseling is offered to those who are need of Spiritual Guidance If  you are looking for the a group in the area or just searching to find your own spiritual path, our Minister will help you. 
       Need some direction in you life, Life getting to be to much and just need someone to talk who knows the meaning of confidentiality. Are you suffering from abuse and afraid to talk to someone about it? Having trouble with a family member? Drugs becoming an issue in your life? Identity crisis's
seem to be a problem? Relationship problems got you down? Are u ready to come out of the broom closet but are scared? How about just coming out ?
      Contact our Groups Minister, and let them , help you help yourself.. You can contact Rev. Jackson at


Rites of Passages

     The Pleasures of youth, is your son or daughter coming of age? Are you ready to celebrate this time in your child's life?  Are you a New Mother or Father ready to have your first child first child?  Have we reached Middle age?  We perform Rites of Passage Rituals for all the phases of ones life from Wiccanings to the Final Rite. 

   Rite of Passage Rituals Performed           



Maiden/ Lover

Crone/Wise One


Last Rite

For more information on the rite of Passages contact:


House Blessings 

     Have you just bought a new house or just moved into a new apartment ? Fill you new home with loving energy that leave it with a warm and calming atmosphere that all will enjoy. We can help you give your new home or apartment many new and fresh blessings. Also we can help you cleanse the house of all old energies. So it truly becomes your home to love and fill with many years of wonderful energies. 

For more information on House Blessings contact:


Removal of Unwanted Energies

      Every time you walk into you house do u feel the urge to scream? How about when you get into your car to drive to work , Do u feel really uneasy?  Do you wake up at night from nightmares? Have you had family over or in-laws and the tension is so thick is feels like they are still there? We will come out and Help you remove all the negative and trapped energies in you home or car. Some people think their house is haunted by Ghosts or Entities, in most cases this isn't the case, but instead their house or car is filled with impressions of left over energy.
Let us help you bring back the feeling of peace into your life. 
**Note** If your truly believe there is a ghost or entity living in your home or car and feel u need an exorcism done contact us at the below e-mail address.

For more information on Removal of Unwanted Energies  contact:



     Time to celebrate new life. Embrace what is to come for this child's spiritual life. We will perform Wiccanings for your new arrival and other children also.. Congratulations !!!!!!

For more information on Wiccanings contact:


Legal Handfastings

     Our Minister can Perform Legal Marriages/ Handfastings in the State of Ohio. 

For more information on Legal Handfastings contact:


In-mate Services

   Do you or someone you know in the County or state jail and they are pagan?  This is a difficult time for anyone especially in a place that one has a hard time letting it be known their spirituality. We will go and make in-mate visits and offer spiritual guidance and counseling. 

For more information on Energy Readings contact:


Tarot and Rune Readings

     Need some insight on what is going on in your life? Have a question about a relationship? Think your spouse is cheating on you? About to make a career change? Moving out of state? Just need some direction? Let the Tarot or the Rune Cards answer these questions for you.

For more information on Tarot and Rune Card Readings contact:


House Protection

Are you dealing with a nasty neighbor? Ex won't leave you alone? Do you have a feeling someone is watching u and no-one is there ? Just not feeling safe at home?  We will help you set the protections in your house to help you feel safe. 

For more information on House Protections contact:


Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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